Service Center Engagement

Today we explore ways to create outstanding service center engagement with renowned speaker and HDI certified Support Center Manager Nate Brown.

About our guest

Nate Brown has had an outstanding day when he is able to help customers.  He is on a quest to improve the agent experience and the customer experience through creativity, knowledge, and hard work.  Nate is an HDI certified Support Center Manager, VP of Communication for the HDI Music City Chapter, and a well-known speaker in both the ICMI and HDI communities.  He is also the founder and primary author for the customer service and leadership blog

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Redefining service center engagement

Call center processes are ever-complicating. And customer expectations are getting higher while their patience gets shorter. How can you create a service experience that works better for customers?

“There is nobody in the organization that is closer to the customer, and to the products and services of the business. It’s amazing the opportunity to really represent the brand, be the voice of the business to the customers. There’s nobody that gets to do that like customer service does… If it’s a sad place, that’s a cultural thing, and that ultimately stems back to leadership…” – Nate Brown

Nate Brown explains the difference between a “call center,” where the experience is based on processes, and a “service center,” where the experience is created around a customer-focused culture.

Properly engaging your team is a huge part of this. A team that is customer-focused, happy working together and communicates effectively can make all the difference. This can mean a huge shift in mindset and execution! Today we explore some of the ways you can go about facilitating these changes.

Are you ready to create a customer-focused service culture and stop letting processes and technology define the experience? What performance metrics should you be looking at, and how can they help guide your next actions? Listen in and with Nate’s help, we’ll get you started.

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