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Today we discuss infrastructure and the ability to fit into the customer ecosystem as key factors behind the success of any game-changing innovation.

Is your front-line prepared for customer threats?

We’ve turned the tables a bit today! Instead of advocating for the customer, we’re talking about protecting our staff, and our brands from customer threats.

A lot of time and energy goes into training customer-facing employees, but few leaders train their people specifically on how to respond when customers behave in a threatening manner. Sometimes they will only threaten your brand reputation, but if you’ve worked in retail like Adam, you know some customers will threaten bodily harm.

What is your protocol for handling a customer who has gone from irate to downright scary? Where do you draw the line and between customer service issues and personal safety issues?

If you’ve never had to ask a customer to leave or file a police report, don’t be so sure it won’t or can’t happen in your industry. How you respond can make all the difference for keeping customers, employees, and your brand happy and safe.

In this episode, Adam and Jeannie share some real-life stories of customer service issues that have escalated to potentially dangerous situations. Listen in for tips and great examples for preventing, responding to, and recovering from extreme customer meltdowns.

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