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Christoff Weihman, bestselling author and coordinator of the Excellerate Service 2016 conference, shares his secrets to 5-star service in the hospitality industry.

About our guest:

Throughout his career, Christoff Weihman has served in various capacities-as a server, bartender, wine sales rep, catering sales manager, event planner, and banquet service manager. He has worked for Wolfgang Puck in Hollywood; Darden Restaurants, as well as other establishments in St. Louis, Los Angeles, and at the Hyatt in Guam and Nikko Hotel in Saipan. He has spent many years in Sales & Business Development, as well, including in the automotive industry as well as Staffing and Recruiting.

Christoff believes that regardless of the type of restaurant or establishment, 5 Star Service should always be the goal.

Overall, this means that restaurant owners and managers should always make sure that all members of staff that are employed with them have completed sufficient training in hospitality courses to ensure they know all there is to know about how to succeed in the hospitality sector, as well as being able to provide a service that is out of this world. This should be done going forward too.

He is a life-long learner, an avid reader, and passionate about personal development. Christoff writes a weekly blog about Customer Service entitled Soupfly which has readers in 108 countries.

He is currently working on his 2nd and 3rd books and Co-Hosts a weekly online Blab show on 5 Star Customer Service.

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