Content in Customer Service

Live from the National Speakers Association’s Influence 2016 conference, Adam and Jeannie discuss ways to use content in customer service and improve the overall experience.

Beyond marketing: Content in customer service

Sharing valuable content is now an essential part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Companies have had to pick up new skills and tools, and some may even contact a specialist firm to help them with things like SEO content, or even create new departments to keep up with their content creation. But before you plunge yourself into opting for these services, you could read up this article by iTonic or research online for information on the services that digital marketing offers. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of every service you are planning to opt, might come in handy one day!

These days many organizations all over the world specialize in this field. For example, firms like Firefly Digital that help with SEO Auckland and other nearby places. So now that we’ve got our content hats on, let’s talk about using those resources to improve the customer experience.

Forward-thinking companies have used content like interactive images, for example, as an alternative to sending customers through the usual processes to get the help or information they need. Adam and Jeannie share some great examples, and some ideas on how content can become a key asset in moving customers smoothly through their journey.

Content isn’t just for marketing anymore. Many don’t realize the content they create is already a part of the customer experience, but it is! You’ve got great content, so why not take it a step further? You can create content that reduces customer effort and creates frictionless customer service experiences. Listen in!

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