integrating customer experiences

Adam and Jeannie discuss the growing trend of integrating customer experiences with experiences people are already having in their daily lives.

On-the-spot customer experiences

For the busy consumer, making a purchase is often hinged on convenience. People want things when and where they need them! Potential customers may not have time to add another experience to their daily regimen. So what about bringing the experience to them?

Consider morning commuters who may be in a rush but want a cup of coffee or a snacks for a meeting. New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has developed the Columbus Circle subway to include an underground market, Called TurnStyle, that brings customers what they need where and when they need it, without having to take much time out.

The success of such an initiative is about much more than speed and convenience. In this environment, the experience needs to be simplified to save time and space, and that could mean eliminating certain choices. And what about those customers who aren’t so rushed? How does the MTA make this simplified experience preferential to making the extra trip?

Carefully considering the clientele and the environment, the MTA and the merchants at Columbus Circle worked together closely to bring the right products and experiences together. And though not everyone is impressed, the initiative has been a huge success.

Listen in to find out how the MTA and TurnStyle merchants have struck the right balance between convenience and selection.

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