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Must customer service and technology fail at the same time? Today we discuss how to prepare for tech failures and prevent them from creating nightmares for customers.

When customer service and technology fail

To invest, or not to invest? It’s a tough question, but not always the most important one. Enormous breakdowns in customer service can occur whether the latest and greatest technology fits your budget or not.

Where will you be when your hobbled old tech finally takes a dive? Where will your staff be when your shiny new system stops responding to customers in distress? And where will your customers end up when your app or website can’t help them through their journey?

These are all very serious concerns that seem to surface when it’s too late. Time and time again, we see customers in peril when technology is outdated, being upgraded, or simply just not working. Consider the madness that ensued when 2,000 Delta flights were recently grounded due to an overloaded system.

Don’t question if, but when your tech goes on the fritz. Can you keep your customers happy in the midst of a system failure? Listen in for tips on preventing customer service nightmares during your next technological crisis.

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