Today we discuss infrastructure and the ability to fit into the customer ecosystem as key factors behind the success of any game-changing innovation.

Brilliant innovation is still just one step towards the next great thing

Tesla Motors plans on making their amazing electric cars more attainable and affordable for the masses. This sounds great, and they certainly have the technology to create the product. But what about the infrastructure? Currently, it can be challenging to find a charging station for these vehicles, and Tesla hasn’t said much about how they are addressing this. Of course, there is the potential for people to charge their vehicles from their own homes which is hugely convenient for most. It does, however, comes with the slight drawback of raising energy bills somewhat with the increased consumption of electricity. Homeowners can combat this by switching energy providers; comparing the likes of Just Energy Texas rates against their existing rates can reveal which are the most competitive, thereby showing them a clear area where money can be saved to accommodate for the increase in energy use that the charging of their vehicle causes.

This news hearkens back to the early days of the automobile itself. It was many years before it actually made sense for most people to own one, as the fuel as a commodity was less accessible than the vehicles themselves. Perhaps the same fuel companies that (eventually) grew around the gas-powered auto industry will evolve to accommodate the electric cars. Perhaps not, but Tesla seems willing to take that risk and move forward.

What about your next innovation? Can you afford to take big risks like Tesla and boldly go into the future? If you can’t, you must consider how your concept will fit into today’s customer ecosystem. Is there an infrastructure in place to support the use of your product? If not, you may find yourself at the mercy of other organizations, or time itself, to see it through to success.

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