TSA Customer Service

Jeannie and Adam discuss recent issues with the TSA check-in process and how many of the customer experience nightmares that emerged around it could have been avoided.

TSA Customer Service

Customer service in government security… Dare we use these phrases in the same sentence?

In many cases, TSA agents have done an excellent job providing good customer service while staying firm with security regulations. There are many people doing great work in the organization!
However, the TSA has been in the news a lot lately due to increasing wait times and other poor experiences. Travelers have taken to Twitter using the hashtag #hatethewait to vent the frustrations about long lines and ill-prepared staff.

This could happen to any organization that doesn’t look ahead, see trends, or react quickly enough. What’s really wrong here, and how could these situations be avoided? Adam and Jeannie discuss their own experiences with the TSA to uncover how they could leverage resources they already have to ease frustration, avoid bottlenecks, and improve the overall experience.

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