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Today’s guest discusses the digital fan engagement strategy behind the Copa America Centenario, one of the world’s largest soccer tournaments.

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Currently overseeing digital for the upcoming Copa America Centenario on behalf of U.S. Soccer, Christianne Harder is a long-time athletics communications strategist. Starting off in college football in team operations and recruiting, she now focuses on how fans interact with web, mobile, and social media. A graduate of UC Berkeley (Go Bears!), Christianne also earned her Master in Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership from the University of Washington in 2010.

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Fan engagement in the digital age

There’s much more to the modern fan engagement than getting the crowd excited at the stadium. Today, fans are engaging on social media, websites, mobile apps and email lists. Die-hard fans are looking for more information and a deeper connection to the game, while newcomers and guests are just hoping to figure out what it’s all about.

Christianne discusses the techniques used for reaching out to all kinds of sports fans via digital channels. Through a carefully-engineered digital strategy, fans are able to engage with other fans, their favorite teams, and even the players themselves.

It’s not just about having the information available on the web and mobile devices. It’s about discovering how fans engage differently per channel, and offering experiences on those channels that are unique yet well-connected.

Going mobile with fan engagement is much like going mobile with any organization. If you’re not providing an experience that offers something different than your website, why bother with a mobile app or social media? Christianne shares how the mobile app for Copa America Centenario helps enrich the experience and connect fans with their favorite teams and players on a more personal level.

Why not do this for your organization? Listen in to learn how to connect with your customers and turn them into fans.

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