Patient Empathy

Adam and Jeannie discuss the challenges of creating a culture around patient empathy with Sven Gierlinger, Chief Experience Officer for Northwell Health.

About our guest:

As Chief Experience Officer for Northwell Health, Sven Gierlinger is responsible for creating a superior and consistent service experience for patients, visitors and employees. Prior to his current position he was Vice President of Hospitality and Service Culture at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan. In that role he established a culture of service excellence through development and implementation of standards, system-wide rounding, and training programs for all employees ranging from first impressions to leader coaching. He was a driving force in creating excellence and consistency in the patient experience.

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Embedding patient empathy into process and culture

Healthcare workers are indeed heroes. With sensitive tasks and complicated registration processes at hand, creating experiences that make patients feel safe and comfortable is a tall order.

With a background in hospitality at Ritz-Carlton, Northwell Health Chief Experience Officer Sven Gierlinger looks at patient experience through a different lens.

Like the hospitality industry, as Sven explains, healthcare “puts heads on beds and gets paid for it.” And his own past experiences as a long-term inpatient helps him amplify the need for healthcare organizations to embed a focus on service and empathy into clinical processes.

Thanks to forward-thinking patient experience experts like Sven, we’ve come a long way. But there’s still a lot of work to be done! Listen in as Sven shares some of the best ways to create a culture around patient empathy.

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