Adam and Jeannie interview Brian Andrews, VP of Customer Experience at Sprint, at the 2016 CXPA Insight Exchange.

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Brian Andrews joined Sprint in February, 2015 to lead Sprint’s Customer Experience transformation and install Sprint’s Net Promoter System (NPS.) Prior to Sprint, Brian held executive roles at Compaq/HP and Intuit, where we pioneered process improvement, customer experience, and loyalty efforts. While at Intuit, the company became the FIRST to adopt NPS!

Brian also is a charter member of the CXPA and has been actively involved.

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Brian Andrews, Pioneering NPS at Intuit and Sprint

Before there was a playbook or a Harvard Business Review article on the practice, Brian was adopting Net Promoter Score at Intuit. Adam and Jeannie had the chance to discuss Brian’s challenges and triumphs during the early days of using NPS.

Brian is now the Vice President of Customer Experience at Sprint. Under his direction, they have adopted NPS with great success. With more than 6,000 retail locations, Sprint is using NPS as part of a holistic customer experience program to deliver exceptional experiences through a highly-engaged, well-enabled staff.

Thinking of adopting NPS in your organization? With Brian’s help, customer experience powerhouses like Intuit and Sprint have laid the groundwork. Listen in and learn how NPS can help fine-tune your customer experience.

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