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Today’s guest shares ideas for growing your business using technology and time-honored principles.

About our guest

Terry Brock is an internationally recognized (37 countries and counting!) business resource in the areas of marketing and technology. He is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame. He is also the past Chief Enterprise Blogger with Skype and former Editor-in-Chief for AT&T’s biggest blog. Terry shares practical ideas that business people can use with technology to build solid, profitable relationships. He is currently a syndicated columnist with Business Journals (43 papers across America with 11 million page views monthly.)

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growing your business

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Growing Your Business with Tech

Growing a business today is fundamentally the same as it’s been for generations, in that it’s all about building relationships. Today, technology brings us many new advantages for building those relationships. When it comes to customer relationships, you have to be extra careful in providing a good service. For example, you could try SAP Hybris Commerce implementation to give your customers the personalized experience they crave (through innovative multi-channel solutions). SAP Commerce Cloud experts can help implement intuitive features and fine-tuned pages that can make your customers coming back for more. Apart from customer satisfaction, your business should be technologically enabled to suit modern-day advancements. Therefore, if you’re a business looking to upgrade your digital solutions, you should check out something like the IT companies in Melbourne that can offer you various ways to stay connected, communicate more effectively and revolutionize the relationship your business has with technology.

Terry Brock explains how social platforms and new communication technologies are revolutionizing customer engagement. Business communication and internet solutions, like those offered by Eatel (, are the order of the day for businesses in this current age. But the different options can be overwhelming, and it’s about much more than just getting your message out to more people.

Growing businesses strive to build a brand presence and gain influence through social media, but they also must know their audiences and learn the soft skills necessary to communicate effectively with them on these different channels. For example, choosing an SMS short code service is a brilliant option for businesses looking to build an ideal SMS platform for their specific business needs.

Much like getting dressed appropriately for a fancy dinner or bringing the right supplies for an outdoor activity, Terry explains that you must be prepared to contribute to and respect the protocol of the environment.

New communication tools are being developed rapidly, and communities are building around them right now. Do you know how to find the right audience? Will you know the best way to engage that audience when you get there? Terry gives us some clues about what to watch out for and how to be prepared.

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