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The majority of people use their mobile phone every day, using multiple different apps for both work and personal purposes. Some businesses are taking advantage of this by choosing to hire developers from UK for apps that their customers can use to make it easier for them to contact and order with them. This has increased retention and loyalty for many businesses. But the question is, what makes a great mobile app stand out from the majority that never get used? Some people may say that the ones that incorporate the use of mobile app advertisements to help with brand awareness and revenue could be the ones that help to make an app successful. That’s the beauty of this industry though, as people have many different opinions about what makes an app work and what doesn’t. Today we share some of our favorites and what makes them home screen essentials.

The magic of our favorite apps

Companies are quickly bridging the cross-channel gaps to deliver enhanced experiences through mobile technology. There are so many app and software providers out there, it can be a tricky decision working out which one to give a go. Looking for a website that offers apps and other software, such as the ability to Download at Fileproton, sometimes feels like you are spoilt for choice. From apps like TripIt that help organize travel details to retail apps that use geolocation to help customers find the products you need most, apps are totally changing the world. Nowadays, even laundromats can use apps to make accepting payments easier, quicker, and more manageable. You can learn more about a payment app for laundromats here: Shinepay.co. In this episode, Adam and Jeannie talk about their own favorite apps.

Both having extensive backgrounds in customer-focused practices, an app has to be really great to stand out to customer experience pros like our hosts!

After all…

And why do most of them fail?

Many companies create apps simply because someone in a high place has set a goal to have one. And while there are a number of reasons an app might fail, it’s often because they are created without considering the goals of the actual user.

So do your customers need an app? Before you jump in and design a mobile experience, Adam and Jeannie share the secret sauce behind some great apps that truly drive loyalty through improved experiences.

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