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You have 5 seconds to win the customer in a retail setting. How can you use neuroscience and smart package design to jumpstart the customer experience?

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Terri Goldstein is the CEO and founder of The Goldstein Group. At The Goldstein Group, Terri and her veteran team of writers, structural engineers, graphic designers, and production specialists generate iconic package designs that truly make a difference to trade, consumers and the clients that she serves. Under Terri’s direction, The Goldstein Group has created brand imagery systems for: Aqua Net, Bayer Aspirin, Cutex, Rolaids, Allegra, Nasacort, Phillips’ Colon Health, Carmex, Selsun Blue, Panasonic Women’s Shavers, Balmex, Gentle Naturals, Little Remedies, Cortizone•10, Heinz Brands, Gulden’s, PAM, Hills Bros., IcyHot, MoonPie, and One-A-Day to name a few. TGG is also active in the global arena with USP/Pharmacia in Poland, APR Research in Italy and HRA Pharma in France.

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The science of package design

Marketing your brand in a retail setting today is more competitive than ever. The decision to buy is now based on much more than just quality and pricing. Packaging plays a huge role in the increase of sales because of which quite a lot of brands learn the primary vs secondary packaging differences and use it to enhance their brand image.

Brand packaging, as our guest Terri Goldstein explains, used to be an afterthought- often left in the hands of the ones printing the labels. Today, executives understand they have five seconds to win the customer over many other brand choices. Savvy marketers are using neuroscience to tap into customer emotions and influence choices. One thing that marketing companies, such as Hooked Marketing, may suggest is to have a sustainable and holistic approach towards packaging as this could be considered more desirable from a marketing perspective.

Smart package design is much more than just making the product stand out. Brands need to consider whom they are reaching out to. How do those customers want to feel? How will they use the product beyond its intended use, or as an expression of their own tastes and values?

Package designers like Terri use a visual vocabulary based on neuroscience to create packages that call to us at the store. These designs connect with us on a subconscious level so we want to bring them home, live with them, and be seen with them.

So how can you create packaging that speaks to your customers?

Terri shares some standout examples of highly successful package designs, and how they create connections strong enough to negate pricing preferences and break old habits.

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