Analog Customer Experiences

You need rules and processes to keep things running smoothly. But do the resulting analog customer experiences give rise to serious pain points in your customer journey?

Analog customer experiences

Artificial intelligence, customer service scripts and chat bots can be life-savers for your customer service team. It’s great when we find new ways to streamline and automate our processes, and even better when we find the solutions that are “just right.”

So what happens when we put those analog experiences on auto-pilot? What is actually happening?

Beware of the feeling that you’ve found the solution to all your problems!

Scripted responses tend to become the experience when employees are not empowered to use their judgement. And when we rely on technology that literally has no sense of judgement, we create experiences that make no sense to the customer in the moment.

Analog experiences often inadvertently ignore real service issues. And meanwhile, support tickets are being closed, and the “right” boxes are being checked off. Everything looks great from your perspective when customers are left feeling ignored or misunderstood.

Pay attention to what happens around those processes, or your analog experiences will eventually miss the mark and turn a customer who just needs a little help into a former customer.

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