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Today’s guest discusses how he helps big hospitality brands improve the guest experience and forge better connections with their customers, resulting in explosive growth.

About our guest:

Mike Ganino is a hospitality industry expert, global keynote speaker, and author of the upcoming Culture Kitchen: Recipes for Building a Great Brand. He is the former Chief Operating Officer at one of the hottest fast casual 2.0 brands (Protein Bar). Mike is a leading expert on building a brand that everyone wants to be part of by creating a captivating culture. He has worked with a number of category-leading brands like ChowNow, Uber, US Foods, Pressed Juicery, Protein Bar, Yum! Brands, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, and Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises.

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Growth hacking with an excellent guest experience

Mike Ganino shares how he helped companies like Potbelly and Protein Bar grow from small companies with only a handful of locations to beloved household names.

Wouldn’t you like to do this for your brand? It all comes back to culture and leadership.

Mike explains how he helps companies overcome the organizational challenges that have an impact on the guest experience. News flash: it’s not just training, or the tools and resources.

People in leadership roles need to understand the impact they have on the customer experience, and then understand the impact they want to have. And though many leaders already know this, they struggle to decide where and how to get started. That’s where Mike steps in!

Need to improve the service experience and grow your brand? Mike outlines the process that helps his clients transform their experiences and keep them consistently remarkable as they scale. Listen in!

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