Blue Goldfish

Today’s guests discuss their new book, Blue Goldfish, and how companies can bridge the gap between people and technology in a world where human-to-human interaction is disappearing from the customer experience.

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Stan Phelps is the founder of 9 INCH, a consultancy that helps brands win the hearts of employees and customers. He has more than 20 years of global marketing experience with IMG, adidas, the PGA, and Synergy. An IBM Futurist, TEDx speaker, and contributor to Forbes, he has written four books: Purple Goldfish, Green Goldfish, Golden Goldfish, and Blue Goldfish. Stan lives in the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees in Cary, NC with his wife Jennifer and two boys, Thomas and James.

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Evan Carroll is an author, speaker, and experience architect at Evan Carroll & Associates. His career spans roles in user experience, marketing, and product management for leading agencies and technology companies such as IBM, Capstrat, and Channel Advisor. He’s the author of two technology books: Your Digital Afterlife and Blue Goldfish. A North Carolina native, Evan has a BS and MS from UNC Chapel Hill and lives in Raleigh.

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Solving the riddle of frictionless digital commerce

According to Gartner, 80% of B2B transactions will occur without human-to-human interaction by the year 2020. That’s a pretty big game-changer!

While technology is creating some amazing opportunities to personalize the B2B experience, many companies are lagging behind in their efforts to leverage this technology to create a frictionless experience. And customers don’t care what’s going on behind the scenes to make the process impersonal and clunky.

Companies like Amazon have managed to use technology to make it easy to do business with no human interaction whatsoever. How can we bridge the gap like they do?

Stan and Evan’s new book, Blue Goldfish, was written by crowdsourcing hundreds of great examples to help you understand how the best companies are staying on top of customer relationships while creating easy, innovative and memorable experiences. Our guests share a few of their favorite examples and explain the secrets behind their success.

Listen in to hear what’s next for digital customer experience, some exciting news about Stan and Evan’s upcoming books, and tips for making your digital experience frictionless.

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