Adam and Jeannie discuss cutting-edge new levels of customization and how they are making life better while changing how many companies do business.

Redefining customization

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of personalization for customers. Typically, that applies mostly to how we communicate. Innovative ways of collecting and managing customer data have helped a great deal.

So what happens when highly-specialized customer data can be applied to advances in 3D printing and the Internet of Things? The word “customization” is about to take on a whole new meaning.

Adam and Jeannie  discuss new ways physical products can now be highly specialized to suit the  individual customer. For instance, ear buds can now be custom made to fit the  unique curves of someone’s ears, and customers are saying it’s well worth the extra few dollars and wait time.

With these new capabilities, there are many exciting opportunities on the horizon. But they certainly won’t come without new challenges! How can this level of customization be delivered on a larger scale? And what happens to large and small manufacturers when we have cheaper 3D printing capabilities at home?

We’re right on the edge of a huge change in the way we perceive and execute customization. What could this mean for your own business? Listen in!

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