offstage customer experience

To create a great customer experience, we need to peel back the layers of the organization and look at what happens far behind customer-facing parts of the journey. How does offstage customer experience affect your customers?

Offstage customer experience is vital to your overall strategy

Well-trained customer service reps are a lot like onstage actors- as great as they are, the audience will not rave about the show if the seats are uncomfortable or the microphones don’t work!

Many companies neglect to connect offstage employees to the actual customer experience. When companies become customer-centric, they often focus on the parts of the journey customers make direct contact with but overlook backstage processes that make a huge difference.

Just like in a theatre production, your onstage employees can’t deliver a stellar performance if offstage employees don’t understand how their own roles affect the customer experience.

Are your front-line employees truly able to deliver the experience you want to provide for your customers? Don’t let a disconnect with wardrobe or lighting spoil your show. Listen in!

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