Pat Helmers

Pat Helmers, host of the Sales Babble podcast, discusses the intersection of sales and customer experience.

About our guest

Pat is the author of the Selling With Confidence sales system. He believes great sales is based on having the mindset “I’m here to help and add value”.  He believes that anyone can become a skilled seller with their current personality. By drawing upon their passion for their business, they too can become a master seller.

Pat is the host of the weekly Sales Babble podcast. He is a former Bell Labs software developer, inventor, account executive, and Vice President of Sales for two start-up technology companies.

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Driving sales with great experiences

Sales is tough!  And driven by the need to close the sale and move onto the next customer, sales teams often don’t understand how the sales process relates to the overall customer experience.

The best salespeople see the value in building lasting relationships with customers rather than focusing on transactional outcomes. How can you get salespeople to build customer relationships for the long term when short-term sales goals seem more important?

A happy customer is a return customer who will rave about their experience with friends and colleagues. Wouldn’t you like them to help remove some of the heavy lifting from your sales initiatives? Pat explains how optimizing the sales process with customer experience and customer service principles can lead to increased loyalty and referrals.

Pat has some great tips for hiring and training a sales team that builds a great rapport with customers. Listen in to learn some of the best ways to qualify and nurture sales leads for long-term success in the modern sales landscape.

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