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Virtual reality is hitting the markets hard, but it’s mostly just for gamers. Will that change? Today we discuss some surprising possibilities for customer service applications.

Is virtual reality more than just fun and games?

Virtual reality (VR) has been a hot topic among geeks and gamers for many years now, but it was all the rage at South by Southwest Interactive this year. Are we on the cusp of a new era when VR tech will have more practical applications? I know that there’s a high demand for a crossover between and virtual reality, but what impact could VR have on the corporate world?

Adam and Jeannie discuss the different ways companies and customers alike struggle to decode communications and content, and how VR can help bridge the gap.

So what are some ways VR can make its way into customer service? While entertainment and gaming applications were quite prominent at SXSW, a closer look revealed some innovative uses that could prove useful in the business world.

What can we learn from VR applications on the table with cutting-edge organizations like NASA?

Virtual reality is advancing quickly. And before you say “we will never need to tap into that technology,” remember how many leaders were saying the same thing about social media and mobile just a few years ago. Will you be ready to connect this way when your customers are?

Listen in to find out how virtual reality could soon make customer service virtually awesome.

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