Innovation Process

Adam and Jeannie discuss why most innovations fail to effectively address the changing needs of customers and how the innovation process itself can shut out the best ideas.

The problem with “best practices” and customer experience innovation

Innovation is more important than ever in our connected, omnichannel world. And yet, it’s rarely done well. So many innovations have come and gone while the ones that really make a difference are so few.

Why is that?

Too often, innovation is created from the wrong perspective – either because it’s borne of outdated “best practices” for the creative process or because the ideal experience is viewed from the wrong perspective altogether.

How can you keep up with the ideal experience your customers will want tomorrow?

In many cases, the best resources for innovative ideas go untapped. Have you considered how many great ideas and valuable insights are hiding behind cubicles or mentioned in passing in the break room?

Adam and Jeannie talk about how you can expand your horizons for innovation by fostering an environment that encourages creativity, then making sure those unheard ideas make it through the right channels to spark the best customer experience innovations.

Jeff Bezos can do it, and so can you. Find out how!

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