customer service history

In this special 100th episode (yippee!) Adam and Jeannie recall some of the great (and not so great) moments in customer service history.

Like it or not, you are making customer service history!

Have you ever thought about what people will be saying about your customer service in 100 years? Probably not, and we’re guessing some of the brands mentioned in this episode didn’t make their ideas sustainable like Maxwell House did in the ad below.

customer service history

A look back in time reveals that we’ve come a long way with transparency in our marketing and customer service strategies. Just look at these ads! You can certainly see how far we have come over the years with our marketing strategies, and now with digital marketing taking the lead, we see a vast difference. For example, a restoration company nowadays will use restoration marketing to appeal to their intended audience, this can mean adding certain keywords to posts, utilizing SEO practices, etc. so that they can be found online and gain business. This is just one example, but practically everything nowadays can be marketed. If there is a need, it will be created.

A lot has changed! Customers now see past this type of marketing. Have your strategies joined this new era of enlightenment?

Sadly, there are some archaic practices still used today – and some of them are nothing short of cringeworthy! Let’s get up to speed with the trends that matter to real-life customers and lock those flash-in-the-pan advertising tactics up in the time capsule for good. Join us as we make our own history with the 100th episode of Crack the Customer Code.

We wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you!

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