Brian Solis

A well-known thought leader and futurist, today’s guest barely needs an introduction! Brian Solis discusses his new book and what it means to be entering an experience-driven business world.

About our guest:

Brian Solis is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders, keynote speakers, and best-selling authors in innovation and digital transformation. His new book, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, explores the importance of experiences and how to design them for customers, employees and human beings everywhere.

As Principal analyst at Altimeter Group, a Prophet Company, a digital anthropologist, and futurist, he also studies disruptive technology and its impact on business and society. More so, through his reports, articles and books, he humanizes technology’s effect to help people see people differently and understand what to do about it. Specifically Brian studies digital transformation, customer experience and culture 2.0 and “the future of” industries, trends and behavior.

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The future is all about experience

3.5 years in the making, Brian Solis describes the arduous process of writing his groundbreaking new book, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design.

Brand interactions exist within mobile apps, cloud-based services, social media, content marketing, and traditional communication in today’s world. Experience is so much more than the buzzword it’s become, and how to incorporate the right experiences into your customer’s journey is what Brian has studied.

The word “experience,” as Brian explains it, has attached itself to many problem-solving ideas, but the solutions are often isolated fixes that fail to tie the overall journey together. This is why a lot of businesses use dmaic tools to improve their problem-solving framework over time rather than relying on one point of experience that may not be the best method of solving the issue. But, a lot of businesses don’t do this and Brian shares some of the reasons why companies fail to accomplish this.

Do you share Brian’s sense of urgency to unify all of those isolated touchpoints? Therein lies the recipe for breakthrough innovation.

It’s time to bring about the radical changes your customers need now more than ever.

With the right perspective and a few tweaks in the way you communicate and gather insight, you have the power to be the change agent that brings experience and design together to usher your company into the experience-driven future that’s already upon us.

Be a true disruptor. Find those elusive moments of truth where experience meets design. You can start by listening to this episode.

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