Customer Loyalty Metrics

There’s a lot of debate over which customer loyalty metrics tell the real truth. So what’s the answer? Adam and Jeannie discuss the different types of metrics and why they don’t necessarily work for everyone.

Are your customer loyalty metrics providing real insight?

Customer loyalty is elusive and difficult to determine. And many business leaders are obsessed with settling the debate over which metrics really tell the real truth about customer loyalty.

Looking for indicators of what we really want to know, which in many cases is largely unknowable, has led many professionals and business owners into a whirlwind of data that doesn’t seem to do them any good.

How did all of this start? People have been boasting about their satisfaction rates for decades, then came the groundbreaking Net Promoter Score (NPS) which many companies swear by. But is this really an accurate way to measure customer loyalty?

We’d love to give you a solid answer! But when you’re dealing with customer emotions, there is no black and white and the success of tracking these different metrics varies from company to company.

So what can you do about this? Listen in and find out how to uncover the actual behavior behind these metrics so you can determine what you should really be tracking and take action.

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