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We have the advantage of working with 5 generations of business leaders. How can we break the technology barriers and build solid business relationships? It’s all about people, not systems.

Ayelet Baron: author, speaker and activist for the human spirit

Ayelet works with 21st-century leaders to create new ways of working and helps them create a new path for business as a force of social good. Ayelet believes that in the human-to-human purpose driven and experience era, more people are shifting from the myth of work-life balance to LIFEworking. Prior to co-founding, CreatingIs, Ayelet was a senior executive with Cisco Systems and an innovator in Residence at Roche/Genentech. Her new book Our Journey to Business Common Sense will be released soon.

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The 21st-century mindset: People over process

An expert on forward-thinking leadership and new ways to work, Ayelet has identified 4 traits for 21st-century leaders, and she shares them with us. Ayelet’s explanations about what they are and why they are important will have you re-thinking the way you communicate, the way you anticipate feedback and changes, the way you look at community, and ultimately, the way you work.

With so much buzz around transparency, it seems to mean something different to everyone. Ayelet shares the importance of having a shared purpose in order to achieve the level of transparency that keeps business relationships healthy and productive. She believes we can eliminate the need to “manage” people in this century if we create and maintain trusting relationships.

How will you engage with peoples’ hearts and minds as their priorities shift? How can you re-gain common sense when it comes to business? Listen in and bring the human spirit back into your organization.

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