Training customer-facing employees is challenging for growing businesses. What happens when they need re-training? Can this be done without shutting down?

Is re-training your staff an option?

As companies grow, it becomes harder to be sure employees are connected to the brand values and mission.

Chipotle, Starbucks and others have gone public about temporarily closing their doors for the purpose of re-training their customer service staff or reconnecting with their missions. How can they be sure it’s worth the inevitable losses?  Adam and Jeannie discuss some great ways to approach a customer service reboot, and how to make one worthwhile and sustainable.

Could you afford to hit the brakes for a day or two and do the same? Many organizations don’t have the budget or resources for a sweeping customer service reset. What if, for any reason, you CAN’T shut things down for a day or two?

How can you keep all those dots connected as your organization grows and changes? As busy as things are, you can do this on limited resources without turning customers away.

Adam and Jeannie share some powerful ways to “hack time” so you don’t have to put your business on hold to re-train your employees.

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