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Are you pursuing a customer experience leadership role? Maybe you’ve found yourself defaulted to a customer-focused role within your organization… Now what? Adam and Jeannie share expert advice for emerging leaders in the field.

What do emerging customer experience leaders need to know?

Adam and Jeannie discuss how they came into their customer experience and customer service leadership roles. Did they dream of becoming experts in these fields in their youths? We’re guessing this was not your first choice of career paths but have found yourself fascinated and excited by the idea. Or maybe you’ve been plopped into these roles by the organization you work for. Making sure your website offers a faultless experience for your customers will be imperative. A service that offers website monitoring will be of immense value to you.

How can you really OWN it like Adam and Jeannie, or like many of our guests?

Customer experience education is often a mere day in the very long journey of business training. Today’s customers need more from you.

Typically, customer experience leaders emerge from diverse and surprising academic and professional backgrounds. There are very limited ways to get certificates and degrees with a focus on customer experience, but Adam and Jeannie know the best ways to move forward.

Listen in for tips on how to lay the groundwork for a career in creating outstanding customer experiences.

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