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Why is it so hard to be prepared for the service failures that every organization experiences from time to time? Today we explore proactive customer service and how to be ready when things blow up.

What’s your proactive customer service doomsday plan?

No matter how great your customer service team is or how thoroughly you’ve mapped and improved the customer journey, something will go wrong. Are you prepared for the situation that turns it all upside-down?

You need to consider two things:

  1. A proactive customer service strategy that allows for worst-case scenarios
  2. A “doomsday plan” for how you will recover from a customer service disaster

Adam and Jeannie share some great stories about customer service gone awry and how some brands were not prepared.

Mistakes will happen. Are you prepared for the worst? A great recovery can actually help strengthen customer loyalty. So the next time something goes wrong, will customers rave about your stellar response or will they publicly hate on your brand?

This episode explores great ways to prepare for and recover from those moments. Listen in to turn those mistakes into opportunities to show your dedication to creating outstanding experiences.

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