customer perception

Customer perception is a difficult thing to understand, and even harder to change. Do customers see themselves in your brand image?

Katie Driscoll, Leader in Changing Customer Perception

Founder and President of Changing the Face of Beauty (nonprofit), Katie Driscoll, believes media and advertising can change perceptions and open opportunity for people of all abilities. She is also a photographer and writer. Katie has been featured on the Today Show as well as interviewed by Huffington Post, People Magazine, and other media publications. She believes media and advertising can change perceptions and open opportunity for people of all abilities.

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Lessons on Changing Customer Perception

Are your real customers properly represented in your marketing? What if 13% of your qualified customers never noticed your brand simply because they can’t identify with how you present who your customers are?

Customers will buy from those who create an emotional connection, and one of the first steps is making sure they see themselves reflected in the marketing materials you present them.

Katie Driscoll’s organization, Changing the Face of Beauty, has combated the idea that people only want to see “traditionally” beautiful people in advertising. She has had a tremendous impact on the way some major brands represent their customers, particularly those with disabilities.

A viable segment of just about any market, children with disabilities are a prime example of a group that tends to be grossly under-represented. Katie shares how inclusion can make a world of difference for your marketing reach and your bottom line.

customer perception

Image courtesy of Katie Driscoll and Changing the Face of Beauty

We talk a lot about inclusion in the workplace these days, but how does the concept of inclusion impact your marketing strategy? Does your audience see themselves in your brand?

Listen in to learn how to find and inspire many more of your potential customers.

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