improving customer service

It’s EASY to talk about improving customer service. It’s a lot harder to actually do anything about it! Why is it so hard to create a real strategy around putting the customer first?

Are you really improving customer service?

Making a big deal about becoming “customer–centric” through new options and features but neglecting to deliver what customers actually need to be happy is not really walking the talk. Jeannie and Adam see this happening in many industries, and a few companies are getting away with it (for now).

But let’s face it: Many organizations don’t have the luxury of cornering consumers with hefty contracts and limited competition — like cable or utility companies can. Most organizations have to compete, and few have developed raving fans so loyal that they are willing to tolerate subpar customer service and frustrating experiences.

It’s dangerous to assume the complacency of your customers translates to loyalty, or that your revolutionary product or service alone will keep customers from exploring alternatives.

Adam and Jeannie share some timely examples of companies that continually fail to deliver on their promises, and how it’s catching up to them. How and why does this happen, and how can you avoid making the same mistakes?

Learn from great stories about organizations that are walking the talk. Discover what’s standing in the way of delivering standout service experiences that create a sustainable customer-focused culture.

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