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Mana Ionescu, President of Lightspan Digital, shares tips and insights on keeping up with the changing landscape of social customer care.

Mana Ionescu, President of Lightspan Digital

Mana and her team focus on driving traffic to clients’ websites and building profitable connections through social media and content marketing.

Mana believes in digital marketing done with purpose. With her practical and hands-on approach, Mana has been busting social media myths and showing measurable results are possible. It’s all about making sure you understand the market and audience you’re trying to target. This is why she encourages companies to only hire marketing agencies that specialize in their sector. Are you a tree service company? Going to someone like Home Service Direct will leave you much better off than going to a general marketer. Do you operate in a complex industry? An agency that has never dealt with that industry before won’t be able to help you. She has helped many businesses find the perfect marketing option for them. A sought-after speaker, she’s been sharing digital marketing knowledge as Kellogg Executive Education faculty and via numerous conferences, from Techweek to SES, from Social Media Week to MPI TechCon, from 312Digital to Marketing Profs University and Pubcon. A staunch STEM education supporter, Mana serves on the Board of the Illinois Math and Science Academy Fund. In March 2014, Mana was awarded the “Chicago Woman Making History” Outstanding Entrepreneur Award by the City of Chicago Treasurer’s Office.

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Social Customer Care with Purpose

In today’s marketplace, as Mana explains, few organizations can thrive and compete without a presence on social media. But what does that mean for customer care?

Mana shares some valuable insights for smaller organizations who need to provide a better level of care on social channels without a dedicated social media team.

Many organizations are making the same mistakes over and over again. Mana outlines some of the common pitfalls of social customer care and what to watch out for.

Are you ready to tackle customer care on your social channels? Are you sure!?

Listen in and Mana will help you decide what your organization can realistically do TODAY to provide top-notch social customer care without breaking the bank.

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