Who doesn’t like playing games, and winning!? Companies across many industries are learning how to gamify the experience for their customers. How can gamification improve the experience for your customers?

Can You Gamify The Customer Experience?

Gamification: applying the principles of games like variable rewards and real-time engagement. Can you use this to improve the customer experience?

Gamifying your customer’s experience can be rewarding for both the customer and the company. Fitness wearables have helped gamify personal health data. Coca-cola recently rewarded customers for recycling and encouraged the behavior they wanted. MIT gamified the ice cube! It’s everywhere.

Reward the behavior you want to get from your customer, and they connect your brand with a sense of accomplishment and gratification. Win/win!

Can you gamify the experience in a meaningful way? Is it always the answer? Adam and Jeannie have a lively discussion about how gamification could be the answer to boring interactions.

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