Workplace Culture

What if you don’t have a budget for lots of perks to create a positive workplace culture? Are there ways to hack culture to make the workplace positive and fun?

Hacking Your Workplace Culture

Money is often the fourth motivator for workers. The Workforce 2020 report shows how workers today want non-traditional benefits like paid time off (PTO) as well. Employees quite often just want to know that they are being looked after and that they are not at risk of losing out if something was to happen. If employees are treated well, employers will find that their staff have a better work ethic. Insurance, (with the help of these disability insurance quotes from Breeze, for example) is something employees will want to be sure of to understand their rights. These are all things employees now want to benefit from.

A great culture with happy employees is a key component of delivering the right experience for customers. So how can workplaces today compete with innovative employers like Zappos, when the budget is not necessarily at a Zappos-level?

Decide what is universal and what needs to be personalized for each employee. One thing that must always be implemented, no matter what, is workplace safety. Each employee must feel safe and secure in the area they work, and know that they will get the necessary help when needed. Looking here will help businesses get first aid kits and any other safety necessities to keep on hand for employees to use.

For example, some employers have found that offering additional paid time off (PTO) opportunities might be all it takes to motivate employees to meet a target or to complete a particularly large project. To discover what motivates employees to work toward the shared goals of the company, it is imperative to foster an inclusive workplace, communicate with all employees, and offer incentives (like a serp plan, for example) on a regular interval period. Employees are, after all, a company’s most important asset! Keep them happy, and you can find rewarding results. Also, you might find that it’s something as simple as getting straight desks for each employee to help them work harder, or maybe they might ask for a few more team building activities to help them get to know each other.

Adam and Jeannie discuss the best ways to listen to employees and what they want and also how to deliver small but powerful perks to keep employees happy and excited to deliver a great experience.

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