Innovation Expert

Matt Phillips, President of management consulting firm, Phillips and Company. Matt helps us all understand breakthrough innovations and experience.

Matt Phillips: Innovation Expert

Matt Phillips is president of management consulting firm Phillips & Co. Launched in 2003, their area of expertise is Breakthrough Strategy – the development of innovative new products, services and experiences. Their clients include Paramount Pictures, Dell, Hyatt, Bath & Body Works, SC Johnson, major ad agencies and innovation-driven mid-sized companies. He goes over innovation training strategies, teaches new entrepreneurs the tricks of the trade, and much more. Matt holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and is a graduate of The Second City’s advanced program in improvisation. In addition to consulting, he has given keynote addresses on the creation of breakthrough experiences around the world.

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Innovation Improves Customer Experience

What is expected in the experience offered to customers and what should be unexpected? These are some of the questions Matt poses when considering innovation.

Matt talks about luxury hotel experiences, futuristic customer service robots, and ice swimming in Finland.

What are the best ways to innovate? Matt has been tackling this question for more than a decade, and he has great stories to share.

Listen in to hear how the future is changing, and how you can innovate for it.

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