Fan Experience

Seeing the game live used to be enough for sports fans. But now, people are making use of sites like DraftKings to enjoy their sports even more. They enjoy being able to change their team, gain points, and, hopefully, win some money. Their knowledge of their favorite sport and faith in their team means that they use sites like Oddsmonkey to bet on games to profit and add to the excitement of the game, hoping it will go their way — check out this Oddsmonkey review to find out more. but it doesn’t just end there. Also, stadiums are designed to be a multi-screen experience. How are experiences changing for sports fans, and how are the champions delivering victories? Some of the innovations of recent years include things like fantasy hockey leagues by FanDuel that adds a layer of interactivity with people’s favorite sport.

Connected Fans Mean More Experiences

What is the product of sporting events? With millennial fans desiring connectivity as a key part of the sports event, modern stadiums have to deliver an experience for those fans who are as interested in uploading selfies as connecting with their favorite team online.

Is this an indicator of what people want next for their experiences? 1 in 3 college students claims Internet connectivity is as important to them as air, food, or water! The majority of stadiums now have there own free WIFI for fans because this connectivity has become such a major part of sporting events. Fans will use the internet for everything from sports betting, perhaps using a site recommended by, for example, to uploading a pre-game selfie to social media.

Delivering a connected experience is critical to providing a superior customer experience. There is a 50/50 split on uploading and downloading, meaning it’s just as important to participate in the game in a different way, such as viewing instant replays on mobile devices, as it is to upload photos to social networks.

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