Embedded Customer Care

One of the things customers hate about customer service is finding it. How can customer care be embedded into the entire customer journey? Adam and Jeannie discuss the innovations that are making this more of a reality for customers and companies alike.

Offer More by Embedding Service

Instead of forcing customers to hunt for the right phone number, the right support department or the right email address, what if the right customer support option was just waiting for the customer where and when they need it? Like Amazon’s pioneering Kindle Mayday video support, there are many ways to offer this type of embedded experience.

But what does that mean for customers and their feeling of control? Many won’t want strangers popping up on video on their screen! Adam and Jeannie discuss the pros and cons of this type of innovative customer service.

Gartner reports 100 of the 500 largest global businesses will introduce video-based chat for customer-facing interactions by 2018. This is definitely the future, are you ready?

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