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Superior customer experience is a non-negotiable facet of maintaining a thriving customer base. In any business, the idea of customer experience optimization is key. But how can you deliver an exceptional customer experience without an exceptional budget?

Keeping Costs In Line

Do you know what you want the experience to deliver? Do you have the team in place, and are they empowered to do the right thing at the right moment?

Adam and Jeannie recommend connecting with your team on the front lines to ensure that they are able to communicate effectively with customers and create “small wow moments.”

Allowing your customers to feel ownership in your brand doesn’t have to involve distributing merchandise or other gifts heavy on the budget. Try crowd-sourcing or other options to reach out to loyal customers, turning them into willing ambassadors for your brand.

Especially if you have a customer base already, efficiently tapping into that resource will induce low costs and high benefit.

Listen in to hear how a historic soccer club in Argentina used clever experiences to build loyalty in new ways.

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