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While you may think of call centers as a customer service vehicle of the past, new and improved ‘contact’ centers are alive and well. As technology trends direct customers and businesses to mobile, email, and chat platforms, how are these contact centers evolving to best suit both client and customer needs?

Jeremy Watkin

Jeremy Watkin is the Head of Quality for FCR, the most disruptive and respected outsource provider.  He is also the co-founder of CommunicateBetterBlog.com; a blog dedicated to observing both good and bad customer experiences with the intent of providing awesome customer service.  He has been recognized by ICMI, Huffington Post and MindTouch as a top customer service influencer and thought leader. He joins the podcast today as one of Adam and Jeannie’s favorite bloggers in the customer service blogosphere.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Call or contact centers are an essential customer service arena but they tend to have a bad rap. The offshoring of call centers has had a negative impact on many centers’ reputations; but with updated technology and more robust, multidimensional offerings of communication, contact centers are weaving cultural understanding into customer experience.

Jeremy’s company, FCR only operates from onshore customer service locations based in Oregon. By approaching the work from a standpoint of culture, Jeremy has created a capable team that is fully equipped to tackle tough customer issues, and to fight for the customers that they work with.

FCR prides themselves on their ability to match their own mission and identity with that of their clients. Understanding the culture of the organization allows them to match the customer service appropriately. This creates identity and excitement among his own service team.

Speaking of service teams, Jeremy’s rule of thumb for top notch customer service? Train and value your colleagues and employees. Create meaningful work where they are able to solve problems in real time and see action being taken. This will create a culture of empowerment where colleagues feel that they and their work are valued, which in turn motivates team members to create those ‘wow’ moments for customers.

Want tips to ensure your customer service team is operating like a well oiled-machine? Tune in to learn more!

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