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As customer experience experts, we have to focus on innovation in ways that others don’t. Our Customer Hero today has created a fantastic model to evolve, innovate, and better suit customer needs.

Customization with Innovation and Ease

Based in Brookline, Massachusetts, Pantry Market borrows the model of the curated meal from their online counterparts such as Blue Apron and Plated. However, Pantry shifts the principle to a brick and mortar location.

They provide a recipe card and grocery list for a “curated shopping experience”, in which ingredients are pre-portioned and pre-selected—and each recipe comes with suggested wine and beer pairings.

This reveals fantastic innovation around tailored customer experience. Many of us want to cook and eat healthier meals and Pantry Market is filling this niche as well as considering ease, time, affordability, and creating less waste. 

So what is the intrinsic value proposition that gives Pantry Market an edge against their online competitors?

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