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Jill Griffin can ignite loyalty in anyone. Customers are always searching for greener pastures, so what is Jill’s advice for keeping them loyal?

Jill Griffin

Known as “The Loyalty Maker”, Jill Griffin is an Independent Public Board Director, an internationally published Harvard “Working Knowledge” Author, a noted Corporate Advisor on Customer Loyalty, the author of a series of customer loyalty videos on www.Lynda.com, a recipient of the 2005 Distinguished Alumna award from the University of South Carolina where she earned her Bachelor of Science and MBA degrees, the founder of a Loyalty Consulting Firm, and the author of four books with a new one out soon. Jill has been working in the field for over 20 years and she joins us today to share her expertise on maintaining customer loyalty.

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High Expectations

Customers are getting more and more savvy about what loyalty means to their preferred businesses, so expectations are high. What can businesses do to ensure that they maintain their most loyal customers and win the loyalty of new ones?

First, Jill encourages companies to identify how their specific customers define value and then setting up products and services in those terms. This is not as easy as it sounds because customer value definitions are in constant flux, however, Jill points out three types of value:

  • Basic Value
  • Expected Value
  • Unanticipated Value

If you are unable to deliver on the first two of these value promises, you will have trouble hanging on to customers. In fact, advises Jill, unless you incorporate all three of these value systems into your business identity, you will be unable to engender long term customer loyalty.

In today’s world, not only do you have to take into account a customer’s definition of value and their mindset, you must spark some emotion in them. It’s this combination that bonds a customer with a brand.

Need some readily actionable tools to boost your brand’s conscious implementation of customer loyalty practices? From Jill’s “Worth It” test that customers can use to evaluate your brand, to her spot-on advice for creating lasting customer loyalty, this episode has it all.

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