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Good customer service can give your company a competitive financial edge. Lori Jo Vest, co-author of Who’s Your Gladys joins the podcast today to identify key customer service strategies to take your company from simply stable to thriving and prosperous.

Lori Jo Vest, Engaging Customers

In addition to being the co-author of the best-selling, Who’s Your Gladys, Lori Jo Vest is a Customer Service Expert, a Sales Master and Coach, an Emmy award winning television producer, a Social Media Specialists, and a consultant. She joins the podcast today to shed some light on the macro view of handling customer interactions and how this can be a competitive advantage to companies large and small.

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Good Customer Service Gives You a Cutting Edge Advantage

The key to growth through customer service, says Lori, is referral and repeat business. By creating an exceptional, thoughtful experience for your customers, those people will make sure that they reward your efforts by making you their go-to for repeat business. They will also encourage their friends and family members to support you based on their experience, creating dedicated zombie loyalists, if you will.

Thus, instead of stable sales, your business will experience an increase in sales. But how do businesses make customer service a part of their company identity and manage this advantage long-term?

Join Adam, Jeannie and Lori to find out.

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