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Marilyn Suttle is an expert on customer service culture change and developing emotional intelligence to foster breakthrough success. Her book, Who’s Your Gladys, reveals key methods to change the psychology around handling difficult customers.

Marilyn Suttle, Turning Upset Customers into Vocal Advocates

Marilyn Suttle has an incredible track record. She is the President of Suttle Enterprises, a bestselling author and keynote speaker, and a Human Potential Expert, enhancing leadership and social interaction within business teams.

She trains and consults for Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and universities and manages emotional and professional development.

She has been featured in The U.S. News & World Report, Ladies Home Journal, and Inc. Magazine. She joins the podcast today to share her expertise on turning upset customers into loyal fans.

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What’s a Gladys?

A Gladys is a demanding customer who has high expectations and may pose a challenge for you or your team. Despite these potential difficulties, these customers can give valuable feedback or illuminate aspects of your service that may need to be revamped.

We’ve all encountered a Gladys at one point or another, and the situation can be emotional. After all, your company is your baby and criticism can be difficult to hear. How can you and your team take in the experience in a constructive way?

Marilyn suggests reminding yourself that hearing criticism is a necessary part of customer resolution.

Examine the psychology of the situation. What triggers does this Gladys present that bother your team? Do they appear to be demanding or cold?

Recognizing the judgment allows you to find the compassion in the situation. Instead of cold, a customer may simply be slow to warm up. Therefore the tactic used to communicate with them changes.

Marilyn and her co-author, Lori Jo Beth detail more triggers and customer service solutions in Who’s Your Gladys? and their upcoming book, Taming Gladys: How To Tame Your Most Difficult Gladys.

And as a special offer, they’re giving a bonus gift to today’s listeners. Tune in to the episode to find out more!

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