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Intelligent and compassionate entrepreneurs often get caught in the magical world of the ideal customer experience. But what happens when things go wrong? Join Adam and Jeannie as they discuss how to be prepared for worst case customer scenarios.

Fewer Ruined Days

You’ve created the ideal customer experience, your business is ready to roll. Suddenly something happens: your technology fails, a child gets lost in your store, or someone vomits on your roller coaster.

Do you have a plan? What do you spend your time and resources preparing for?

It sounds like a deceptively simple issue, but dealing with worst case customer scenarios gracefully is essential for a successful business model. After all, in accordance with the Peak End rule, if the customer’s last memory of your service is a bad one, they probably won’t return.

If you’re concerned with high probability and high impact issues, this is the podcast episode for you. 

Join Adam and Jeannie as they take on customer experience and worst case customer scenarios to find out how you can “create fewer ruined days for your customers.”

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