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Job seeking is a necessary process that we’ve all experienced. Many of us have looked for companies such as ARC Resumes to help us write that job-winning resume because the whole process can be difficult to say the least. Knowing what experience is relevant and what is simply a distraction for your future employer is something that expert advice will quickly be able to solve for you. But is there anything that can relieve the stress or helplessness of submitting your resume (other than finding a clean format template to use to help create it in the first place), as Jeannie puts it, “into the black void of eternity”?

With mobile platforms taking over a significant portion of the job market, the short answer is, yes.

Today on the podcast we have an innovative Customer Hero, an app called Jobr. Jobr is based on the Tinder model of swiping left or right to make a choice and connects potential talent with employers seeking to build their company culture with like-minded, qualified individuals.

The innovation of Tinder and other similar models is gaining footing in the mobile marketplace, especially with qualified millennials seeking employment.

The way in which employers attract talent has a huge impact on recruitment methods and HR, and thus, on the type of talent that responds and business leaders are seeking talented employees who will deliver on their enterprise’s customer promise and will do so long term. This is easier to facilitate when you can filter prospective employees and connect with those that match your company’s culture.

But while all of this innovation sounds like a great idea, are there any pitfalls in this model? Tune in to find out!


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  • Innovations in job hunting for millennials and employers.
  • The app, Jobr.
  • New tactics for working and hiring in the mobile marketplace.
  • Ingenious models to connect talent with employers.

Take care of yourself, and take care of your customers!