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We’ve all encountered scripted customer greetings at one point or another in our lives. Are these greetings an effective strategy when crafting customer experience?

Customer greetings create a warm introduction for business and positive final interaction as a customer leaves. As we all know, first and last impressions are fantastic points of reference for customers when recalling your business.

Having a standard greeting can offer consistency and identity for your brand.

In addition, customer greetings add structure and guidance for your team, allowing them to understand your customer experience mission and how to interact with consumers in a way that supports rather than detracts from your company identity.

The key to the effectiveness of a greeting lies in its purpose, context, and sincerity. As Adam points out, “put the customer ahead of the customer experience checklist.”

Want to learn how to approach crafting a customer greeting that supports your brand promise and key into the exact type of customer your company caters to? Then…


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  • Actionable tips to identify your specific brand promise and the customers your brand caters to.
  • The pros and cons of canned customer greetings.
  • Methods to make customer greetings more personal and effective.

Take care of yourself, and take care of your customers!