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Customer satisfaction ratings haven’t improved since the 1970’s, in fact, they’ve declined. With so many tools and resources at our disposal, why does customer service still stink?

In a recent study performed by Consumer Reports, 80% of people surveyed had some issue with a recent transaction—they had returned merchandise, questioned a bill, or simply left the store without making their intended purchase. This shows that businesses need to meet the needs of all of their customers, both satisfied and dissatisfied in order to keep a strong base of customers who will keep buying from them. It is a lot of work, but you should visit a site like https://www.salesforce.com/products/service-cloud/what-is-customer-service/ to find out all about how to keep your customers satisfied!

Now, digital sales present a new round of challenges for marketers. Customer experience on mobile devices or an entrepreneur’s website can lead to devastating statistics (for example, 60% of users abandon their intended purchase when a website’s load time is too slow).

Metrics may reveal an issue but not the basic fabric of why the issue exists. In our fast-paced, social media-based world, customer expectations are evolving quicker than ever. How can entrepreneurs keep customer empowerment at the forefront while identifying potential customer satisfaction issues before they are blown out of proportion?

Listen to today’s episode to learn how smart, savvy leaders create ideal scenarios for their customers and for themselves.


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  • Actionable tips and resources to help you understand your customers’ perspectives
  • Implementing customer service and satisfaction on a digital platform
  • Using metrics to identify a customer service issue before it erupts

Take care of yourself, and take care of your customers!