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Tom Schwab describes how business leaders can implement NPS and inbound marketing to focus on customer satisfaction and offer them the products and services they need.

Tom Schwab: Inbound Expert

Tom Schwab is an entrepreneur, a consultant, a writer, a Navy Vet, and an expert at inbound engineering and strategy. He empowers business owners to implement and understand digital tools, build sales, and create marketing machines that amplify their business model by taking them beyond a single efficient transaction to building a lifetime brand.

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Inbound, Outbound. What Does It All Mean?

Today Tom Schwab gives us a lesson in ecommerce. What exactly does your NPS or Net Promoter Score say about your business and it’s future success? Should you implement inbound or outbound marketing strategies? The terms are often tossed around but what do they truly mean and how can business leaders implement them to effectively build sustainable relationships with their customers?

Outbound marketing is often composed of interruption-based ad promotions; email promotions, ads on the highway, these are all outbound. Outbound marketing tends to be annoying and invasive to customers. This is not always true though because strategies like ringless voicemail do not impose on potential customers as they can be listened to in the customers own time. This is part of the reason why many businesses are looking forward to getting started with ringless voicemail as a consequence of its unique qualities especially compared with other outbound marketing options.

On the other hand inbound marketing is composed of content that answers questions. Blog posts and social media content, this very podcast and SEO all are fine examples of inbound marketing that seek to help customers by offering advice or a product or service. Often, social media posts and blogs can be done by the very person who is marketing their product. However, things like SEO can be quite tricky to handle yourself, and hiring an SEO Consultant might be your best bet on getting your business noticed. This approach builds a sustainable, life-long relationship with customers based on trust. If you and your business need some help and advice with SEO then there are a variety of companies out there who can help, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can check out some Inbound Marketing Pricing here.

Want to learn how to implement inbound marketing strategies combined with your Net Promoter Score to convert detractors to lifelong, valued customers? Listen to this episode of Crack the Customer Code to find out how.

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