The Customer Effort ScoreWe all love metrics, and that’s what this episode of Crack the Customer Code is all about. In particular, it’s about one metric – the Customer Effort Score – and whether or not it’s the best customer experience metric to track.

Do you know what the Customer Effort Score is?

The Customer Effort Score, measures how much perceived effort your customers experience trying to get an issue resolved. The more effort they have to put in, the less satisfied they are. The less effort, the more satisfied.

Listen in as Jeannie and Adam discuss the CES and whether or not it’s a reliable metric to use in evaluating customer experience – on this episode of Crack the Customer Code.

Why no ONE metric is enough… not even this one!

Even though Adam and Jeannie are devoting this entire episode to the discussion of one metric,  the Customer Effort Score, it’s not the only metric you should be considering because no single metric can tell you everything you need to know to manage your customer experiences.

Why? Well… that’s why they recorded this episode, so hit the play button to find out!


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[0:10] Introduction to the topic: The Customer Effort Score as a metric.

[1:53] Business folks can be passionate about their metrics, but no ONE metric is enough.

[3:00] What is the Customer Effort Score?

[3:42] Why “surprise and delight” don’t matter if the experience is bad.

[4:50] Do you understand how “The Hassle Factor” plays a role?

[5:58] The importance of knowing what to DO with your metrics.

[7:28] An example of how one metric alone is not enough.

[11:14] Each company needs to track its own particular metrics…do you know which ones YOUR COMPANY should be tracking?

[13:36] How context informs the metrics.

[15:50] Metrics are a spotlight to help companies understand their processes and clients.

Take care of yourself, and take care of your customers!