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John Murphy discusses how emotional intelligence can be a driver of success across metrics as you learn how to engage with your team, your clients, and your customers.

John Murphy: Emotional Intelligence Guru

John Murphy is the founder of John Murphy International, where he specializes in Executive Coaching, Business Strategy, Team Coaching, and Business Implementation.

His expertise has led him to coach CEOs, Senior Executives, and management teams at large companies such as Johnson & Johnson, ITC, Rothco, and many more.

He also hosts a podcast where he interviews top authors and business leaders and offers advice to ensure that your company operates seamlessly.

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How can business leaders engage their team in the company vision?

“Emotional intelligence is absolutely fundamental to the growth and development of an organization,” says John, “and strong leadership is the [vehicle] for this sort of engagement.”

By creating an emotional connection, leaders are able to fully engage with their clients and employees and help them to invest in the business and the product, thereby creating a dedicated and empowered team.

4 Universal Traits of Successful Leaders

  1. Successful leaders are very emotionally aware—both of their own internal environment and of those around them.
  2. They are continuous learners and have an attitude that allows them to be very open to learning new skills and to be honest about it.
  3. All successful leaders have daily rituals that feed them emotionally, spiritually, physically, or intellectually.
  4. Great leaders have a passion for helping their clients and their team develop and grow as both people and workers.

Want to know how leaders develop and enforce powerful habits at an organizational level? What about how emotional intelligence can help your business stand out across a wide variety of metrics? Listen to the episode to find out!

Take care of yourself, and take care of your customers.